Our Staff

Crickett Allen

Crickett AllenCrickett is a certified laser specialist and is CEO of Advanced Wellness Center. Her laser protocols include Pain Management for inflammation, sciatica, carpel tunnel, headaches and migranes. She also has excellent success rates with laser acupuncture programs for Quit Smoking, and Weight Management. These programs have been successfully in use for over 20 years in Europe and Canada, and Crickett has enabled many patients who were previously unable to quit smoking with other popular medications, patches, nicotine drips, etc to stop and never smoke again. There have been cases in our clinic of 3-4 pack a day smokers not only quitting after 1 treatment, but never even having the urge to smoke afterwards. Please refer to the section within our website detailing this incredible, natural program. The Weight Management program is a combination of laser acupuncture point stimulation which is totally painless along with scientifically sound nutritional counseling, and supplementration depending upon the needs of each patient. She has had great success in cases where previously unsuccessful franchise programs failed to get the patient to their desired weight and remain there. These cases include patients who have lost over 100 pounds. Since Crickett was an athlete herself in high school and college, and remains active in distance swimming today, she also brings intelligent exercise recommendations along with the clinic doctors. The results are metabolically based and therefore last!

Crickett`s background professionaly over most of her life includes enjoying a successful music career in which she has entertained all over the US and Europe. Her bands both in Europe and locally remain popular, as is her workshops for voice and choirs. She also for the past 7 years has developed an interactive music program for challenged adults and her musicals for various schools in Europe have been the subject of television documentries that aired throughout Europe.

Joyce Knapton

Joyce Knapton NutritionJoyce Knapton is the nutritional consultant at Advanced Wellness Center and have over 40 years of experience in nutritional analysis. She studied in Florida under renowned biochemist Dr. Carey Reams, a friend and colleague of Albert Einstein. Joyce was chosen by Dr. Reams to continue his work and has analyzed well over 10,000 clients. Her bio-equilibrium analysis gives specific guidelines to balancing all aspects of metabolism and dietary guidelines for maximum immune response, increased energy, and vitality. She has degrees in both Psychology and Education. For more info, see Nutritional Consulting in our services tab and listen to her interview.

Tia Tyner

Tia Tyner Chiropractic AssistantTia is our therapy assistant with years of experience in rehabilitative exercise and therapy protocols. She will help you figure out the best recovery plan to get out of pain.