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stem cell therapy Dr. Ren Halverson Chiropractor Brunswick GA

Do You Have:

  • Back / Spine Pain

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Joint Pain

  • Acute / Chronic Pain

  • Arthritis

  • Neuropathy

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Conditions We Help

  • Joint Injuries
  • Osteo Arthritis
  • Cartilage Degeneration
  • Tendon Tears
  • Shoulder and Hip Labrum Tears
  • Rotator Cuff Tears
  • Knee Pain
  • Meniscus Injuries
  • ACL MCL, PCL Tears
  • Elbow Degeneration
  • Wrist/ Hand Degeneration/ Arthritis, Foot/ Ankle Cartilage/ Tendonitis
  • Spinal Degeneration / Arthritis.

For those patients wanting to use a safe, natural, non-invasive procedure that has been successful worldwide, and potentially avoiding joint replacement of invasive joint surgery.

Physical Medicine Integration

We are an integrated medical clinic specializing in physical medicine. We take a whole body approach to patient care to help alleviate pain while addressing the root of the problem instead of treating just the symptoms.  Our approach uses an interdisciplinary combination of medical and chiropractic doctors under the same roof and working together to find the cause of your health problem and develop a specific plan to not only remove your symptoms, but correct the underlying problem. This integrated clinic model is time tested in offices nationally and around the world. Everyone from the doctors, nurse practitioner, and all therapists are on the same page in one location, and dedicated to helping you get well. We hear cutting edge a lot in advertising, but at our clinic we offer the absolute most advanced services in healthcare for pain relief through correction of your condition or injury. This includes Regenerative Medicine protocols such as Stem Cell therapy and many others to be offered in the near future.

Regenerative Medicine constitutes the biggest breakthrough in health science within the last 2 decades, and is quickly becoming the standard for this and future generations regarding physical medicine.

Disclaimer: Regenerative medicine will ALWAYS cause some regeneration so every patient will get a result. How much of a result varies dependent upon the patient health, age and other various factors.



Stem cells are a class of remarkable cells that can develop into any type of cell and form the basis of human development and maintenance. A stem cell is essentially a “blank” cell capable of reproducing or becoming another more differentiated cell type in the body, such as bone or skin cell, a muscle or fat cell, or a nerve cell.


Stem cells can be found in bone marrow, adipose (fat) tissue, placenta and amniotic fluid, umbilical cord tissue and blood, and teeth. For purposes of stem cell therapy, doctors can use stem cells harvested from your own bone marrow or adipose tissue, amniotic fluid (limited benefit), or live stem cells properly harvested from umbilical cord tissue and blood.


Here at Advanced Regenerative Healthcare, we utilize stem cells that are harvested from umbilical cord blood. STEMELL offers a variety of Serums depending upon the patient`s needs. For Joint and Cartilage Injections we utilize the UCT- Plus Serum. Also available under the International Review Board are Infusion products using Exosomes for a variety of immunologically related treatments.


Yes, we focus on using non-embryonic stem cells for our stem cell therapy and do not pose any safety concerns. Hematopoietic stems cells (HSC’s) are blood stem cells that give rise to all components of blood. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC’s) or stromal cells have shown much promise in various disease states as they can give rise to a multitude of cell types found throughout our body such as fat, bone, cartilage and muscle. Endothelial Progenitor Cells (EPC’s) are stem cells that give rise to skin, nerve, and blood vessel cell types.


Stem cell treatments are not specifically FDA approved; they are considered investigational, but are permissible. Most patients do not realize this, but many of the treatments they receive on a weekly or yearly basis are technically not “FDA approved”. One example of this would be “off-label” prescribing of any medication.


Stem cells are collected, processed, rigorously tested and distributed under the FDA guidelines for Human Cellular and Tissue based Products (HCT/P) (21 CFR Part 1271), Section 361 of the Public Health Service (PHS) Act, state regulations, and guidelines of the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB).


Anyone interested in avoiding the expense, painful rehab and down time of surgery should be evaluated for the potential of stem cell therapy when facing:

  • Degenerative or Autoimmune Diseases, back/spine pain, osteoarthritis, joint pain, arthritis, tendon/ligament pain, muscle tears, acute/chronic pain, and neuropathy (nerve pain).



“I had severe pain in both big toes of my feet, left knee and left shoulder. I was having trouble sleeping, exercising, and was suffering from anxiety. Since having treatment done, I have felt great and it’s the first time in 40 years that I haven’t had to take pain medications. I’m improving each day. Thank you!”

- Cynthia C.


“The entire process at Advanced Regenerative Healthcare was very professional! I felt relief of pain 36 hours after the injections and I continue to improve daily. I’m back to doing normal activities in just a short time since my stem cell treatment!”

- Mrs. C.


“I had considerable pain in both of my knees that was affecting walking, my daily activities, and was even keeping me up at night. Going up and down the stairs was very difficult also. After my stem cell injections, I had a very quick and positive response! There was a considerable difference after only a few weeks. Thank you so much!”

- Gloria P.


“5 months after my injections my left shoulder rotator cuff tear, producing deep pain and restricted motion and weakness has done a 180, I'm totally free of pain and have full strength and range of motion/ flexibility are now normal. Right knee pain and swelling are fully resolved as well, I can walk for miles as I did on a trip with my wife including up and down stairs, which was agonizing before the SC injections. I'm elated at the results!”

- Chris P.


"I suffered from hand, wrist and elbow pain and restricted motion for years. I was forced to use steroids to be able to play piano, which is my profession. No treatments provided consistent relief. Xrays at the Regen Clinic clearly showed advancing arthritis. Since Stem Cells are at the heart of healing response, and treat the cause, I had injections in my elbow, wrist, and shoulder and at first experienced gradual improvement. However six months after treatment I`m able to fully extend my wrist for the first time in many years, with no swelling in the wrist. I`m pain free with full use of hand and arm. The results are excellent, and I`m very pleased with the treatment outcome and followup care I've received at the clinic."

- Anonymous

X-Rays Before & After

Pre and Post Xray studies revealing much clearer and well defined joint margins. The Xray on the left was taken before the Stem Cell procedure. Note the cloudy whiteness between the two bones at the base of the wrist (the radius and ulna). That cloudy appearence is increased bone growth from arthritic cartilage degeneration. The view on the right is 6 months after the treatment and you can see the joint is much more defined with little remaining cloudy margins. The comparison clearly illustrates the regenerating cartilage between joints, and remember that Stem Cells continue to heal and regenerate up to 18 months post injection. Clinically, Xray on left was taken when patient experienced extreme chronic pain, on the right patient totally free of pain and back to normal activities.

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PRP ,aka Platelet Rich Plasma, has been used for years in orthopedics and sports medicine to aid in healing of joints, tendons, ligaments and pain control. Platelets are a type of blood cell that migrate to the location of an injury and assists with healing through the release of various `growth factors` and other proteins. These proteins promote release and proliferation of `fibroblasts`which are cells that make collagen and extracellular matrix components, the `glue` the initial healing process uses in our bodies. When performing PRP injections for an injured joint, a blood sample is taken, placed in a specialized canister and spun in a high speed centrifuge which separates the red blood cells and other blood layers.. The platelets and stem cells are then collected and injected into the injured or inflamed joint and the growth factors and stem cells release anti inflammatory factors and promote healing. The amount of stem cells available in blood depends upon age and the condition of the individual. The donor is always the recipient. People under 25 years old have far more available stem cells than those in middle age and older. While a person typically has 1/10,000 cells being a stem cells at birth, and 1/100,000 cells by age 13, a fifty year old only has 1 stem cell in every 400,000 cells. Therefore the PRP injection produces natural, healing pain reduction and anti inflammation, however, the process won`t continue indefinitely, especially from middle age on because stem cells are necessary for continual regeneration. The stem cells in your blood do recruit other stem cells to help the healing process, but it can be a numbers game as we age.

One of the best uses for PRP is with Umbilical Stem Cells (UBCs) injections. Since they are your own blood platelets, there can be no rejection. The anti inflammatory effect of PRP and your platelets combined with the umbilical Stem Cells `introduce` the UBCs to your body, thereby decreasing the inflammatory response that may occur otherwise. PRP by itself can provide great relief for nagging, painful tendonitis and minor meniscus tears etc. Cortisone injections, often used for temporary arthritic pain simply mask the symptoms, and have no healing capabilities. They also over time erode the interarticular cartilage, furthering arthritic degeneration. Natural healing protocols in our opinion are a better choice than masking with inevitable side effects.


In order to achieve the best patient outcomes with Stem Cell Treatments, the quality of the Serum is paramount. The highest quality serum is that which is processed under all federal guidelines as far as harvesting the cells, nano processing to remove All Contaminants, and very importantly have the highest live cell count for stem cells used. In Serum used in joint and connective tissue repair such as rotator cuff tears in shoulders, labral tears in shoulders and hips, and meniscus /ACL/PCL ligament tears in knees for example MSCs (Mesonchymal Stem Cells) are the most important to repair these tissues. For Auto Immune disorders, blood related cells (Hemapoetic) are most effective in effective treatment via IV infusions. The point is that the serum and the type of tissue being treated must correlate, and using MSC`s for Disorders such as Lupus or Lymes is not as effective as using blood related Stem Cells would be, and vice versa. Many Serum providers don`t offer diverse type Serums for all tissue types that meet the highest standards of maximum live cell counts at the time of injection. That is a critical point when considering your optimal options for treatment.
Our clinic utilizes only the best serums available in the US.



Medicare believes in patients receiving necessary braces to support compromised, painful, or weakened areas that cause discomfort while performing activities of daily living.

Our Medicial Director, Dr Cezar, and our MSN, Cynthia White will order specific braces for our patients in need who will benefit from their use to facilitate easier and more comfortable motion to increase range of motion, support weak and fatigued muscles and connective tissue and increase quality of life for those in need. Medicare does pay for these braces, which are backed by extensive research and represent the highest quality and design depending upon the condition and area in need. They result in great support of the injured or painful area, more ability to perform tasks that would prove too painful or difficult without the support afforded by the brace.

WARNING: Many of our patients and others in the community are receiving unsolicited calls from telemarketers attempting to sell patients various "professional braces covered by Medicare." The quality of these products is poor, most often wont fit as they are not professionally fitted to the patient, which is crucial in having the brace do what it`s supposed to, and has not been cleared by a MD which makes the transaction fraudulent in the first place. We only provide Bracing to those patients we know will benefit from them based upon out relationship with the patient and knowledge of their condition based upon our examination and treatment. We warn you not to give information about yourself to anyone you don`t know about your Medicare information or personal information regarding any aspect of your health. Many people seek to take advantage of us nowdays, including Identity theft. When your physician discusses something that may help you live a safer, better quality life, that`s one thing, unsolicited advice from those you don`t know is another, and physicians can lose their license from such actions, therefore rest assured the solicitor is not one!


"The Lower back brace that your clinic provided to me is fantastic! Not only is the support incredible when I`m wearing it to clean the house or spend a lot of time on my feet, but it`s really comfortable and I hardly know I`m wearing it except that my low back doesn`t hurt or force me to take a rest when before I would have had to do so. That Medicare pays for this is also a huge plus! Thank You!!"

- Connie C.


"Thanks for the great low back support belt you recommended and fit me for. It has been a blessing and allowed me to accomplish a lot more after the back injury. It`s great for reducing the discomfort I have felt when forced to rotate of bend my low back. I don`t come home feeling like I need to fall in bed now."

- Bill H.


"Thanks for the wonderful low back support you gave me. I only wear it when I`m on my feet and bending or stooping a lot cleaning or gardening. When I take it off after doing tasks that would wear my back out before, I feel fresh, no pain or stiffness. It`s even better than you said it would be!"

- Betty L.


"The 631 brace you prescribed and customized is amazingly helpful. I have a friend who got something like it from a telemarketing company, but it`s like a rollerskate compared to a jet when we put both side by side. Huge difference in quality! What`s worse, her brace never fit her and noone called to check on her like they promised. She can`t even find where to return it to. Compared to the service at your clinic it`s night and day."

- John B.

Chiropractic Brunswick GA Teresa

Teresa Cezar, MD

Dr. Terry Cezar is a practicing Internist in the state of Georgia. Dr. Cezar graduated with honors from Ross University School of Medicine in 1995 and completed her residency at East Tennessee State University. Having more than 23 years of diverse medical experiences, especially in Internal Medicine, Dr. Cezar affiliates with many hospitals including Appling Hospital in Baxley, GA and Wayne Memorial Hospital in Jesup, GA. She is the current Medical Director here at Advanced Regenerative Healthcare in Brunswick, GA.

Chiropractic Brunswick GA Cynthia

Cynthia White, FNP-C

Cindy White is our clinic Nurse Practitioner (NP) and is experienced at providing nursing care to patients with chronic and acute disease over the lifespan. She was a dedicated Registered Nurse (RN) for over 26 years and has been a NP for the past 2 years. Her specialty experience includes Cardiovascular Services, Post Anesthesia Care Unit, and Emergency Department. Proficiencies include: Echocardiography, Phlebotomy and IV Therapy, PICC Line insertion using Ultrasound Technology, Medication Administration, Patient Health Assessment, Education, Health Planning and Support, Trigger Point and Joint Injections, and Umbilical Cord Blood Allografts (aka Stem Cell Therapy). Current certifications in BLS, ACLS, PALS, and ENPC.

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stem cell therapy Dr. Ren Halverson Chiropractor Brunswick GA


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