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Advanced Regenerative Healthcare

We are an integrated medical clinic specializing in physical medicine. We take a whole body approach to patient care to help alleviate pain while addressing the root of the problem instead of treating just the symptoms.  Our approach uses an interdisciplinary combination of medical and chiropractic doctors under the same roof and working together to find the cause of your health problem and develop a specific plan to not only remove your symptoms, but correct the underlying problem. This integrated clinic model is time tested in offices nationally and around the world. Everyone from the doctors, nurse practitioner, and all therapists are on the same page in one location, and dedicated to helping you get well. We hear cutting edge a lot in advertising, but at our clinic we offer the absolute most advanced services in healthcare for pain relief through correction of your condition or injury. This includes Regenerative Medicine protocols such as Stem Cell therapy and many others to be offered in the near future.

Regenerative Medicine constitutes the biggest breakthrough in health science within the last 2 decades, and is quickly becoming the standard for this and future generations regarding physical medicine.

Disclaimer: Regenerative medicine will ALWAYS cause some regeneration so every patient will get a result. How much of a result varies dependent upon the patient health, age and other various factors.



Stem cells are a class of remarkable cells that can develop into any type of cell and form the basis of human development and maintenance. A stem cell is essentially a “blank” cell capable of reproducing or becoming another more differentiated cell type in the body, such as bone or skin cell, a muscle or fat cell, or a nerve cell.


Stem cells can be found in bone marrow, adipose (fat) tissue, placenta and amniotic fluid, umbilical cord tissue and blood, and teeth. For purposes of stem cell therapy, doctors can use stem cells harvested from your own bone marrow or adipose tissue, amniotic fluid (limited benefit), or live stem cells properly harvested from umbilical cord tissue and blood.


Here at Advanced Regenerative Healthcare, we utilize stem cells that are harvested from umbilical cord blood. The Liveyon Regen product is derived from the umbilical cord of healthy, full term babies that undergo planned C-sections after passing rigorous screening of the child and parents for infectious diseases and other risk factors.


Yes, we focus on using non-embryonic stem cells for our stem cell therapy and do not pose any safety concerns. Hematopoietic stems cells (HSC’s) are blood stem cells that give rise to all components of blood. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC’s) or stromal cells have shown much promise in various disease states as they can give rise to a multitude of cell types found throughout our body such as fat, bone, cartilage and muscle. Endothelial Progenitor Cells (EPC’s) are stem cells that give rise to skin, nerve, and blood vessel cell types.


Stem cell treatments are not specifically FDA approved; they are considered investigational, but are permissible. Most patients do not realize this, but many of the treatments they receive on a weekly or yearly basis are technically not “FDA approved”. One example of this would be “off-label” prescribing of any medication.


Stem cells are collected, processed, rigorously tested and distributed under the FDA guidelines for Human Cellular and Tissue based Products (HCT/P) (21 CFR Part 1271), Section 361 of the Public Health Service (PHS) Act, state regulations, and guidelines of the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB).


Anyone interested in avoiding the expense, painful rehab and down time of surgery should be evaluated for the potential of stem cell therapy when facing:

  • Degenerative or Autoimmune Diseases, back/spine pain, osteoarthritis, joint pain, arthritis, tendon/ligament pain, muscle tears, acute/chronic pain, and neuropathy (nerve pain).



This type of regenerative cell therapy is one of the newest and most cutting-edge therapies for chronic joint pain, spine pain and neuropathy. This therapy offers patients 3 essential properties for healing and restoring joint health:

  • A high concentration of regenerative cells
  • Hyaluronic Acid for joint lubrication and movement
  • Anti-inflammatory cytokines and cellular growth factors essential for building new joint tissue

Since umbilical cord blood derived stem cell regenerative therapy is not derived from embryonic stem cells or fetal tissue, there are no ethical issues with the treatment. This regenerative cell therapy consists of an injection directly into the painful area. The therapy has the potential to actually alter the course of the condition and not simply mask the pain. It has significant potential for those in pain, and could actually repair structural problems while treating pain and inflammation simultaneously. When the Mesenchymal stem cells are obtained, it comes from consenting adult female donors between the ages of 18 and 35 who have undergone elective c-sections and rigorous screening for infectious diseases and other risk factors. The fluid is processed at an FDA regulated lab, and is checked for a full slate of diseases per FDA guidelines. It acts as an immunologically privileged material, meaning it has NOT been shown to cause any rejection reaction in the body. This means there is no graft versus host problem.

If you’re suffering with chronic pain, find out if you are a good candidate for Regenerative Cell Therapy. Schedule your free consultation and X-rays with our specialists today!

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Liveyon provides high-quality, medical grade umbilical cord cells and growth factors for use in research studies for various degenerative diseases. By combining stem cells and growth factors, our product may give a longer lasting effect and improve quality of life for those suffering from debilitating diseases/ disorders, such as arthritis and orthopedic indications. Our product testing makes you, the skilled practitioner, feel comfortable that your patient is receiving the best product available in the market.

Liveyon’s ReGen® Series is safe and easy to use. We test all our products under the highest standards for various pathogens. The ReGen® Series have been independently tested in vitro to demonstrate what the products consist of; this includes growth factors, cell counts, and viability. Growth factors aid in healing, repair and growth while the stem cells contained in Liveyon’s ReGen® Series release additional growth factors, regenerate tissue and may help modulate the immune response, leading to a better you!

Check out Liveyon’s website for more information:
Learn how stem cell therapy is used - click here!

Meet Dr. Ren Halverson

Dr. Halverson has built an experienced and dedicated team at Advanced Regenerative Healthcare & Physical Medicine. Each staff member at our practice in Brunswick, Georgia is committed to providing compassionate, thorough care to our patients.

As a trusted chiropractor serving Brunswick, St. Simons Island, and nearby South Georgia communities for over 30 years, Dr. Ren Halverson has helped over 20,000 patients experience life without the burden of pain. Dr. Halverson, like so many others in his profession, was first introduced to chiropractic as a patient. As a young man, he had a construction company and fell four stories while working on a roof. While he suffered no broken bones, he did significantly injure his lower back. A visit to the medical doctor produced a referral to a chiropractor, who began treating him to rebalance the posture that the severe fall had altered. A couple years later, he attended Life College in Marietta, Georgia and practiced in Atlanta for seven years before relocating to Brunswick in 1987.

While in Atlanta, he treated professional football players, Olympic athletes, members of the U.S. Karate Team, marathon runners, and swimmers. Dr. Halverson was the first chiropractor invited to join the GM workers comp. staff in their 24,000 employee plant in Doraville and also their 16,000 employee plant in Jonesboro. He gained vast experience in spinal rehab as well as treating carpel tunnel shoulder/elbow injuries at those facilities. He also began other practices in Jesup, Savannah and St. Mary's, Georgia, all of which remain busy today.

Chiropractor Ren Halverson located in Brunswick GA

Dr. Ren Halverson's experience and vision for integrated medicine and cutting edge therapeutic disciplines is now realized in our clinic to provide the very best in physical medicine in Southeast Georgia.

Advanced Regenerative Healthcare

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stem cell therapy Dr. Ren Halverson Chiropractor Brunswick GA


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