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The number one symptom people around the world go to the doctor for? Headaches! Headaches are the most common health condition in the world and they range from a minor nuisance to a debilitating nightmare. Headaches in Brunswick GA are classified into many types, including migraines, tension, menstrual, hormonal, and ocular (eye and vision related). Symptoms during a headache can range from throbbing pain, to sensitivity to sound and light, disturbed sense of balance, nausea/vomiting, and fatigue. With migraine headaches, which over 20 million people in America alone suffer from, over 50% report they cannot function during an episode, often for many hours at a time.

Headaches (known as cephalgia, medically) result from a variety of causes from hormone imbalance, eyestrain, blood sugar levels, sinus problems, high or low blood pressure, head traumas affecting the brain or cranial bones, tumors or inter-cranial pressure from brain or spinal cord conditions. The majority of headaches, however, are known as cerviocogenic – or neck related. These occur when the vertebrae become misaligned causing joint lock and subsequent pressure upon the delicate spinal nerves resulting in muscle tension and vascular changes.

TMJ in Brunswick GA

T.M.J., the jaw, is the most innervated joint in the body, and most of the nerves passing through the joint innervate the skull and head region. Relieving T.M.J. dysfunction also relieves many severe headaches. Chiropractic, synaptic therapy, which calms muscle tension and releases serotonin into the bloodstream and cold laser treatment of associated headache and TMJ points are all highly successful methods to treat cephalgia naturally, without side effects.

There’s also a highly successful natural migraine remedy without side effects! A homeopathic blend of feverfew, goldenseal, dandelion and polypore’s officinalis. The active phytochemical is parthenolide which inhibits cerebral blood vessel dilation, a cause of migraines. Couple drops under the tongue when the symptoms first appear, and 2/3 of research patients report full relief in 6 ½ minutes. We’ll give details, just request it.

Cerivogenic headaches occur when the joints in the neck are locked, usually in the upper neck near the skull, where the brain stem lies. By freeing these joint locks and rebalancing the vertebra, pressure on the brain stem is relieved. Also, post traumatic loss of the normal 40 degree neck curve (seen when viewed from the side) causes well documented stretching on the spinal cord and neurological irritation. Once the curvature has been restored through specific manipulation and proper neck traction, the stress is corrected. Treat the cause and the symptoms are removed. Treat the symptom and no correction occurs, symptoms recur over and over.
Chiropractors worldwide have always had great success eliminating headaches from patients who suffer from them. Acupuncturists also have enjoyed good results. Headaches are as we stated earlier very common, especially considering all the auto collisions that take place. What are the most common symptoms in whiplash? You guessed it, neck pain, stiffness from joint lock, and headaches!!

We combine the most successful therapies known today to eliminate headaches. We’ve done so for thousands of patients since 1981. If you or someone you know suffer from headaches, let us know. We can help!

“I began treatment with Dr. Halverson when I was a youngster and suffering from intense migraine headaches. My mother brought me to him after having tried numerous other treatments and physicians, none of which had corrected the problem. Dr. Halverson did an exam and began chiropractic treatment on my neck and upper spine and I noticed an immediate decrease in head pain. After only a few weeks, I was free of the pain. I am in college now and still see Dr. Halverson for treatment of various injuries to my spine, knees, and so forth. My migraine headaches have never returned.”

- Tim B.

“I am a business owner and was in a car accident with my son. Initially, I had a great deal of discomfort in normal activities such as household chores, exercise, etc. and was unable to participate in sports. Since beginning treatment at Dr. Halverson’s clinic, I have seen a great improvement in mobility and general health. The intense migraine type of headaches I had prior to seeing Dr. Halverson are now extremely infrequent. I am able to exercise again. The combination of chiropractic, massage, and rehabilitative exercises has improved my energy level, posture, increased my ability to sleep soundly and feel rested.”

- Judy J.

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