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We have experienced truly incredible patient outcomes with our Neuropathy Program over the past 6 years.

Of the hundreds of patients we have treated since becoming the first Neuropathy Dr certified Advanced Chiropractic & Wellness Center in Brunswick GA have experienced over 95% success rates in drastically improving or eliminating the numbness, tingling or radiating pain from neuropathy, no matter what the cause!!

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"I had suffered from diabetic neuropathy in my legs and feet for years, and it had progressed to where I was unable to drive and could barely walk. I had little if any feeling in my feet and at times the pain was unbearable. I had been on various medications for the neuropathy for years but at best they helped for a while, then the pain and tingling would come back stronger than ever. Crickett suggested I try Dr. Halverson’s neuropathy program. He told me the high success rate worldwide from the therapy and after about three treatments the feeling began to return in my feet. He also treated my lower back which had bothered me when I sat for long periods. After two weeks of care, I felt better than I had in years and after only five weeks, I called him from Walmart where I drove with my daughter and shopped for over an hour with no pain or numbness. I have been feeling great for months.We take for granted being able to walk and drive our cars until we can`t anymore, I`m thankful I was told about this wonderful treatment. It really works!! THANK YOU."

- Bea

"I had surgery on my back and both knees, and for over a year had a difficult time walking. Numbness in both legs and especially feet got intense at times. The neuropathy program at Dr. Halverson’s clinic helped control low back pain, the neuropathy in my legs improved greatly; I purchased a unit for home, and use it when I feel symptoms restart. I’m able to play golf again and enjoy life, it’s a blessing!"

- James G.

"I read an insert in the paper; I had low back pain, stiffness, numbness in both feet, and low energy. After starting the neuropathy program the symptoms improved almost immediately. The staff was extremely courteous and helpful; Dr. Halverson really listened and taught me about the conditions so I really understood the logic of his approach. If you are having problems in the above mentioned areas, I strongly recommend you to use the center!"

- Jennie R.

"When I began treating I suffered with no feeling in me right foot, no feeling in several of my fingers on my left hand. Walking and typing were increasingly difficult. After a few treatments I began to feel sensations in my feet- after 2 weeks i felt all of my fingers, the improvement was gradual but steady. Low back and neck pain are much better with chiropractic care. There’s a bright light at the end of the tunnel now!"

- Bruce C.

"I googled neuropathy and read about the success of the neuropathy Dr. program. I live in Atlanta, Dr. Halverson was the only clinic in GA, and so I called and spoke with him. I was desperate so i went to Brunswick and stayed 5 weeks. The results were more than worth the effort, the combination of the rebuilder, chiropractic and mikes neuromuscular release therapy was amazing, I couldn’t feel 1 foot and the other burned so much I couldn’t barley walk. When we finished the trial, back and leg pain were GONE!!! I can walk , stand and move freely again and sleep restfully. Thank you!"

- Blake S.

"My husband had been patient of Dr. Halverson’s for many years; I had chemotherapy which resulted in side effect by neuropathy and burning. I could barely walk, and I work as a waitress. I started the neuropathy program of rebuilder therapy and chiropractic and noticed improvement, which got better each week. I slept better, and am able to work a full shift. I am very pleased with the results; this clinic treats the cause of the problem, instead of just medication and sleeping pills for symptoms. I recommend this treatment highly."

- Linda B.

"I had low back pain, numbness in legs and feet, neck pain, headaches, and really low energy. Medication offered no long term help. I felt discouraged. A friend suggested Advanced Chiropractic, Dr. Halverson was through, and really listened to me and then outlined a 3 step plan to correct the problem. After 5 weeks of the neuropathy program. After 5 weeks of the neuropathy program, my left leg and foot are normal, the right foot is improving steadily. I’m able to exercise and stretch now to help the healing process. Their staff is helpful and encouraging, all the patients I see they seem to love the clinic."

- Charles W.

Neuropathy is one of the most difficult conditions for any physician to treat successfully, and is often progressive once symptoms set in, especially when caused from diabetes, post chemotherapy side effects, or environmental toxins such as lead or mercury poisoning. Even when neuropathy is caused from nerve compression (pinched nerves) relating to spinal conditions, it can be a slow and difficult to completely resolve.

Chiropractors often achieve success with intervertebral (spinal) nerve compression cases through spinal adjusting, but little can be done typically via chiropractic to treat any other causes of neuropathy.

The Program in Brunswick GA

Our program is extremely effective because we combine several effective therapies that treat the nerves directly, and the common characteristic that All forms of neuropathy share, which is hypoxia. Hypoxia is lack of energy to the nerve cells, causing the cell to create a gap at the point where electromagnetic energy is transferred. This results in what can be described as a "short" in the transfer of information, resulting in inefficient nerve flow and dysfunction, both sensory and motor related. That means this reduction of normal sensory function results in the terrible numbness, tingling and radiating pain that characterizes neuropathy symptoms. Motor dysfunction, characterized by loss of dexterity, fine motor control and progressive muscle weakness sometimes to the point of atrophy is also seen in many cases and also can be treated by the protocols we use.

When you successfully eliminate the lack of cellular oxygen it allows the nerve tissues to heal, and symptoms decline and often completely vanish. Over 250,000patients have used this system of therapy worldwide and enjoyed over 90% success. That`s an astounding statistic! We also add very specific massage therapy along with chiropractic care in spine related cases along with other therapies to achieve even better results. No matter what the cause of your neuropathy symptoms may be, treating the nerves directly naturally without side effects always gets longer lasting,safer results. The clinical trial takes only 5 weeks. Take a look at some of the testimonials from former neuropathy patients. For a complimentary neuropathy consultation with the doctor along with analysis of your case and therapy treatment so you can experience the protocol itself, Call us today for an appointment. You will be glad you did.

What is peripheral neuropathy and how our treatment approach is so successful.

Your nervous system is composed of the central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord) and the peripheral nervous system is composed of the nerves that travel throughout your body. Peripheral neuropathy is a condition that affects nerves of the peripheral nervous system.

The nerves carry information from the brain and spinal cord to your internal organs, skin, and muscles. If the nerves are damaged, the communication between the brain and spinal cord as well as your organs, skin, and muscles will be impaired. You’ll end up with symptoms such as pain, hot or cold sensations, a burning feeling, tingling, radiating pain, and numbness or a feeling that your leg is ‘dead’.

Whenever you experience any of these peripheral neuropathy symptoms, the key to success is using a treatment regimen that treats the cause, not merely the symptoms, to gain lasting successful results. Typically with medication based treatment, the relief plateaus and in time intensifies and a new medication replaces the old. Over time the neuropathy get worse.

Our first step is to determine whether your peripheral neuropathy is from an injury on the job, repetitive motion injuries, diabetes, medication side effects, infections, or diet imbalances. We will do a complete workup on you to get to the root of the condition and then set up a individualized treatment plan for the peripheral neuropathy. This thorough investigation and treatment is the reason why seeing doctors can help transform your life and your health. Call our office in Brunswick, GA to get back to living healthy today.

We have successfully treated hundreds of neuropathy sufferers in the last 9 years, and our success rate has exceeded 90% using nerve regenerating therapy protocols, manual therapy and specialty massage, nutritional supplementation to restore nerve function, and in cases with nerve compression, specific spinal treatment to decrease nerve pressure. Our treatment system successfully treats all forms of peripheral neuropathy including diabetes, environmental toxins such as mercury poisoning and nerve compression. Call and make an appointment for a Complimentary Neuropathy Consultation and Analysis, where we can explain the program in detail and discuss your situation.

Neuropathy Treatment

To gain the best results and do so at a 90+% rate requires a very systematic and effective treatment plan. We are a certified Neuropathy DR clinic, meaning Dr Halverson is certified in a combination approach that produces excellent patient outcomes. Dr Halveron approaches each patient program individually. There is no "cookie-cutter approach'. He has successfully treated patients suffering from diabetic neuropathy, post-chemo neuropathy as well as spinal nerve compression patients. He has successfully incorporated over the past 14 years a highly successful neuro-therapy which treats the nerves themselves, along with chiropractic care in nerve compression cases, and nutritional boosters for nerve function. Diabetes and Post chemo side effects don`t typically respond to chiropractic as a rule, but our Neuro Therapy has a long distinguished track record. Dr Halverson years ago headed both the Therapy and Chiropractic departments in a medical Neurology and Pain Management clinic and the experience helped formulate the current approach we use today. Please look at the Patient Testimonial Section of our site to see what patients had to say about their experience. Call us today!

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