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Dr. Halverson has built an experienced and dedicated team at Advanced Chiropractic & Wellness Center. Each staff member at our practice in Brunswick, Georgia is committed to providing compassionate, thorough care to our patients.

As a trusted chiropractor serving Brunswick, St. Simons Island, and nearby South Georgia communities for over 40 years, Dr. Ren Halverson has helped over 30,000 patients experience life without the burden of pain. Dr. Halverson, like so many others in his profession, was first introduced to chiropractic as a patient. As a young man, he had a construction company and fell four stories while working on a roof. While he suffered no broken bones, he did significantly injure his lower back. A visit to the medical doctor produced a referral to a chiropractor, who began treating him to rebalance the posture that the severe fall had altered. A couple years later, he attended Life College in Marietta, Georgia and practiced in Atlanta for seven years before relocating to Brunswick in 1987.

While in Atlanta, he treated professional football players, Olympic athletes, members of the U.S. Karate Team, marathon runners, and swimmers. Dr. Halverson was the first chiropractor invited to join the GM workers comp. staff in their 24,000 employee plant in Doraville and also their 16,000 employee plant in Jonesboro. He gained vast experience in spinal rehab as well as treating carpel tunnel shoulder/elbow injuries at those facilities. He also began other practices in Jesup, Savannah and St. Mary's, Georgia, all of which remain busy today.

Dr. Ren Halverson's experience and vision for integrated medicine and cutting edge therapeutic disciplines is now realized in our clinic to provide the very best in physical medicine in Southeast Georgia.

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Crickett Allen - CLS, CEO

Chiropractic Brunswick GA crickett allen laser specialist /CEO

Crickett is a certified laser specialist and is CEO of Advanced Wellness Center. Her laser protocols include Pain Management for inflammation, sciatica, carpel tunnel, headaches and migraines. She also has excellent success rates with laser acupuncture programs for Quit Smoking, and Weight Management. These programs have been successfully in use for over 20 years in Europe and Canada, and Crickett has enabled many patients who were previously unable to quit smoking with other popular medications, patches, nicotine drips, etc to stop and never smoke again. There have been cases in our clinic of 3-4 pack a day smokers not only quitting after 1 treatment, but never even having the urge to smoke afterwards.


We have Medical Therapeutic Massage available Monday through Friday all day until 7 pm and Saturdays, all by Appointment. Just schedule with one of the therapists with our Easy Online Appointment Calender with the therapist of your choice and how long a session you would like.

Anamaris Nazario - LMT & Manual Therapy Specialist

Chiropractic Brunswick GA Anamaris Massage TherapistAnamaris Nazario is a Massage Therapist at Advanced Chiropractic and Wellness Center. She has over 6 years of experience. She was born and raised in Aguada, Puerto Rico. Anamaris obtained her massage therapist education at National University College in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. Her technical expertise includes deep tissue and myofascial release, deep tissue release, myoskeletal alignment therapy, posture/pain/performance dynamics, lymphatic massage and sports massage.


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Rita Joyce - LMT


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