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For those plagued by the constant pain and numbness associated with neuropathy, every day can be a challenge. Thankfully, there is hope.

Over the past several years, Dr. Ren Halverson at Advanced Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Brunswick has implemented a practical, non-invasive solution that has worked for countless patients across the Golden Isles. Known as NeuropathyDR, this approach combines a number of tried-and-true medical techniques along with innovative methods to give patients a new lease on life.

“We use a combination of things to treat our patients. This includes nutrition and diet education, exercise and rehab therapies,” Halverson said. “Plus we use clinically tested electrotherapy with other promising modalities. With massage therapy and spinal treatments, patients can achieve not only lasting relief but long-term self management.”

The breakthrough treatment has received rave reviews from physicians and healthcare providers across the country. And since Halverson’s practice was the first NeuropathyDR certified clinic in Georgia, he and his team have extensive experience with this type of treatment. In fact, since receiving that designation, he and his staff have experienced an over 95 percent success rate, drastically improving or eliminating the numbness, tingling or radiating pain associated neuropathy, regardless of its root cause.

Of course, finding the answer was no easy task, as peripheral neuropathy is one of the most difficult conditions for any physician to successfully treat. One reason, Halverson says, is that neuropathy has a variety of symptoms and develops from a number of causes. Diabetes and chemotherapy are two of the most common along with spinal nerve compression. Spinal injuries and surgical procedures can also play a factor. “Symptoms can be caused from diabetes, post chemotherapy side effects, or environmental toxins such as lead or mercury poisoning. Even when neuropathy is caused from nerve compression (pinched nerves) relating to spinal conditions, it can be slow and difficult to completely resolve,” he said.

“Chiropractors often achieve success with intervertebral (spinal) nerve compression cases through spinal adjusting, but little can be done typically via chiropractic to treat any other causes of neuropathy.”

The struggle has been documented by a number of patients within the testimonial portion of Halverson’s website,www.brunswickchiropractor.com. They all write that Halverson’s unique approach has changed their lives. One, identified as James G., notes that, after a difficult back and knee surgery, he discovered that even walking was difficult. “Numbness in both legs and especially feet got intense at times,” James wrote.

“The neuropathy program at Dr. Halverson’s clinic helped control low back pain, the neuropathy in my legs improved greatly; I purchased a unit for home, and use it when I feel symptoms restart. I’m able to play golf again and enjoy life, it’s a blessing.”

It’s this type of result that drives Halverson’s passion and it’s the reason he worked tirelessly to refine his process. His program involves several effective therapies that treat the nerves directly. Halverson says the NeuropathyDR method also addresses the common characteristic that all forms of neuropathy share — hypoxia.

“Hypoxia is lack of oxygen to the nerve cells, causing the cell to create a gap at the point where electromagnetic energy is transferred. This results in what can be described as a ‘short’ in the transfer of information, resulting in inefficient nerve flow and dysfunction, both sensory and motor related,” he said.

“That means this reduction of normal sensory function results in the terrible numbness, tingling and radiating pain that characterizes neuropathy symptoms. Motor dysfunction, characterized by loss of dexterity, fine motor control and progressive muscle weakness sometimes to the point of atrophy is also seen in many cases and also can be treated by the protocols we use.”

Halverson says that by eliminating the lack of cellular oxygen nerve tissues are given time to heal, thus symptoms decline and often completely vanish.

“Over 250,000 patients have used this system of therapy worldwide and enjoyed over 90 percent success. That’s an astounding statistic,” he said. “We also add very specific massage therapy along with chiropractic care in spine related cases along with other therapies to achieve even better results.”

But the care doesn’t stop when a patient leaves his office — he or she is also able to take advantage of a home system, the Clinical Co-Treatment Kit. Halverson says this makes a huge difference and brings speedy results.

“After one to three months of supervised, in-office treatment, most patients benefit from long-term self care with only periodic follow-ups,” he said.

“Any appropriate nutritional supplements and supplies can be auto-shipped to you each month. We use only high quality professional and research-supported nutrition products and therapy tools. We are always available for a follow-up, exercise training and physical modalities. And we refer you back to your medical doctor for careful monitoring of your medical conditions.”

Halverson is so confident in this process that he welcomes anyone the chance to come in for a free consultation and therapy session.

“No matter what the cause of your neuropathy symptoms may be, treating the nerves directly naturally without side effects always gets longer lasting, safer results. The clinical trial takes only five weeks,” he said.

• For more information, or to set up a free consultation, call Advanced Chiropractic & Wellness Center GA at (912) 262-9735.

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