Rehabilitative goals in physical medicine, i.e. treating
musculoskeletal conditions, are quite simple, really: relieve the
patient's pain (hopefully with little or no medication which cause side
effects) and restore flexibility, strength, and normal function.

With those goals in mind, the question becomes "how best to get
the job done." The answer is therapy. Therapeutic (protocols to bring
about positive, predictable results physiologically) options consist of a
variety of approaches all boiling down to this: help the body to heal
itself and build upon the process so the problem is corrected.

Like most healthcare providers, I have been privileged to treat
thousands of people for a wide range of conditions. As a Chiropractor, my
patient base is similar to orthopedists, physical therapists and
neurologists, i.e., conditions affecting the musculoskeletal and nervous
system. The best results are gained in my opinion with a multifaceted
approach, in other words, a variety of treatments working synergistically
to get faster results

I personally fell four stories from a roof as a young man and it
was chiropractic treatment that restored my body. As great as chiropractic
treatment can be, there are limitations to any single therapeutic approach.

Exercise is a huge, often neglected piece of the therapeutic
puzzle. Passive exercise such as flexion-distraction, neuromuscular
massage and trigger point therapy, acupuncture and electrical point
stimulation, all allow muscles and supportive tissue to become more
balanced in tone. Manipulation restores normal skeletal balance
posturally, increasing flexibility and decreasing the onset of spinal
degeneration. Resistance exercises such as swimming, calisthenics,
thera-ball training, and weight training increases range of motion and

Synaptic Therapy

I'll now introduce you to a therapy very few folks are aware of,
except professional, collegiate and Olympic athletes. I've seen astounding
results in my clinics over the past eight years with this amazing
device. Here's how it works. Synaptic therapy, originated in Canada, is the new kid on
the block as far as EMS units are concerned. It represents a breakthrough
in therapy and rehab.

Many people suffer from pain. Acute injuries from traumas such
as sport injuries, workplace injuries, and car accidents not only cause
pain and loss of normal function directly following the incident, but often
will cause chronic pain for years afterwards. A condition called
fibromyalgia, which is unfortunately very common and can be debilitating
because of the pain, has now been found to be linked with insufficient
neurotransmitters. Research studies recently released from many Canadian
studies reveal that 90% of people treated with Synaptic therapy were not
only pain free, but also completely free from any trace of the
condition. Normally fibromyalgia is treated with various medications such as Celebrex, Vioxx,
Methyltrexate, or Prednisone. All these medications can cause serious side
effects and potential liver damage. Chronic fatigue syndrome often
associated with fibromyalgia, also causes widespread muscular pain and
increasing weakness, along with a drained feeling and loss of energy. Dr.
I. John Russell, professor of the University of Texas, San Antonio, states
that "many sufferers relate that the condition (fibromyalgia) developed
following some kind of traumatic event, physical or emotional, that caused
sleep loss and great stress."


This device is a neurostimulator which works directly in the
brain, producing local and systemic analgesia, or pain relief. It also
induces neuronal release of serotonin, dopamine, and acetylcholine, all
natural pain mediators. Patients in the Canadian study were able to fall
asleep within 5-15 minutes due to the increased serotonin from the therapy,
which also helped to strengthen their weakened auto immune system. Since
most of our healing takes place during deep sleep, you can understand how
important this is to full recovery.

Great improvement in  sleep, memory improvement, drastic pain reduction,elevation of mood,elimination of numbness and tingling in the extremities, and looser muscles.
Endorphins, which are amino acids known to be up to 50 times more powerful
than morphine per cc, are also released with this therapy. This device is
safe and FDA approved for pain management. It will help any condition that
produces pain and allows us to correct many conditions that were formerly


Z-Tek is one of the most advanced and effective pain therapies in healthcare today.  Developed in Atlanta, it is a nerve/muscle stimulator that has the following effects:

  • Increases range of motion in locked joints, 
  • Decreases muscle and joint capsule pain, 
  • Decreases muscle spasms and metabolic by products of inflammation in muscles, ligament and fascia, 
  • Increases blood to injured tissues to hasten the recovery process in healing,  and
  • Is safe.

Z-Tek has had such success in physical and occupational therapy that most major colleges, the NFL and NBA training room staffs and the renowned Shepard Spinal Center use it as part of their therapy regimens for pain and rehabilitation.  Our office is among the first in Georgia to offer this modality and have experienced excellent results in treating chronic pain, sports and auto related injuries, nerve conditions such as Sciatica and Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, and migraine headaches.  Z-Tek is also offered in comparatively inexpensive home units for interested patients.